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Download Caveman Cliff Crazy HERE  

Caveman Cliff Crazy drops our favourite caveman, Cliff, into 90 seconds of boulder clearing mayhem.  It’s no longer about clearing off the cliff… now it’s all about making the dinos mad.  Clear boulders in groups for star multipliers.  Groups of 5, 10, 15… will also fill the anger meter.  Angry dinos will call more friends.  More dinos = more boulders = more stars.  Make those pterodactyls go CRAZY!  For more, check out the Caveman Cliff Crazy Website and join the mailing list below for release updates.



(The Original) Caveman Cliff is a top down Caveman game where it’s just you, Cliff, versus the pterodactyls.  It’s up to you to clear off all the boulders so you can make this your home, but the pterodactyls want it for their home too.  Enjoy the fast paced action as you upgrade your caveman with new abilities.  Don’t underestimate the brute strength you start out with; you’ve got biceps as big as your head.  Also, uncover the story of Cliff through the puzzle pieces you’ll collect at the end of each level.  Check out the video below and for more check out the Caveman Cliff website.

DOWNLOAD Caveman Cliff HERE   download-on-app-store-button



DOWNLOAD Warp Looter HERE   download-on-app-store-button

Warp Looter is a competitive, social, endless flyer.  Your goal is to fill the warp meter in each galaxy so that you can warp away before the number of asteroids becomes too much to handle.  Even the best pilot will have to warp eventually.  Stick it out as long as you can, because the deeper you get the more rewards you’ll find, but push things too far and your flight will be over.  Upgrade your ship with advanced shields and storage bays, unlock new technologies and beat your friends, both for the bonuses AND the bragging rights.  Check out the Warp Looter video below and for more check out the Warp Looter website.



Gravtrav: Gravity Traveller is Shiny Talisman’s third title.  A chill, physics based, space puzzle game where you’ll hop from wormhole to wormhole.  Your score is calculated by how much fuel you collect minus how much fuel you use.  The key to your success will be using the gravity of the stars and planets to your advantage while using as little fuel as possible.  Check out the video below or visit the Gravtrav website for more.

Gravtrav: Gravity Traveller  Download here   download-on-app-store-button


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